What Does The Blue Lokai Bracelet Mean?

what does the blue lokai bracelet mean

It is the producer of unique silicone bracelets. The name of the company is based upon a Hawaiian word that represents harmony and unity.

Each of the bracelets will have multiple silicone balls, each of which will have different types of material including mud and water. The idea is to provide the person that is wearing the bracelet with a sense of balance.

Since that time, these bracelets have become very popular, sold in over 300 different stores just in the United States. It has also expanded into nearly 90 countries. It started working with another company called Charity: Water, and is said to have sold well over 1 million bracelets.

Each of the bracelets is different, possessing a completely different meaning. Let’s look at the meaning behind the blue Lokai bracelet.

An Overview Of The Bracelets

These bracelets look like standard beaded bracelets that kids will make in school. The different colors in the bracelet are represented by mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth on land, and water derived from snow from Mount Everest which is the highest point on earth.

Together, they represent a perfect balance, and they are also designed with different colors including red, yellow, and blue to name a few. Some of them have tiny hearts that are drawn on each of the beads, and some are made of metal.

What Do The Blue Lokai Bracelets Mean?

Blue Lokai bracelets can have different meanings. That is because each different type of bracelet can be obtained in different colors. For example, the glass bead bracelet that they sell can be obtained in Royal blue.blue Lokai Bracelet

Not only does it represent harmony, but it is also representative of helping you stay in balance. Some of the bracelets have more than an intrinsic meaning. They will actually donate to different causes.

The blue color can be obtained with the double hook bracelet, the Shark Lokai bracelet, and also one that will donate one dollar to the Alzheimer’s Association when you make that purchase.

There is also the Wear Your World Lokai bracelet which is representative of the entire world, helping you to find balance with everyone. There is also the Autism Lokai bracelet that will also donate money to that special cause.

How To Obtain The Exact Bracelet That You Need

You can get one of these bracelets and directly from their store. They will also tell you about each one. You can learn about their meanings, and where they will donate money to if you happen to purchase one or more of them.

The primary objective, however, is to remind you about life. You will always have high points and low points. That is why using these materials that are obtained from the highest and lowest points on the earth is integrated into the bracelets.

If you have never purchased a Lokai bracelet before, this might be something that would be beneficial for you. It’s always nice to have a reminder that life is not ever on a straight and narrow path, and if it is, and takes a lot of hard work.

If your goal is to do something nice for humanity, you can purchase one of the bracelets that will donate to a special cause. The other reason that you will want to invest in a blue Lokai bracelet is to identify with different ideas including the oceans, the world, or a cause that you believe in which can benefit from your investment.

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