What Is Behind A Clear Lokai Bracelet Meaning

lokai bracelet

Lokai is a company that has been designing and selling bracelets for many years. It is a unique style of bracelet, one that combines materials from the Dead Sea and Mount Everest.

The initial objective was to create bracelets that were representative of life, specifically the ups and downs that people go through. Since its inception, it has created a multitude of different bracelets to represent different ideas, and also represent a multitude of special causes and businesses that are helping people worldwide. Here is an overview of the meaning behind a clear Lokai bracelet.

The Meaning Behind A Clear Lokai Bracelet

This is also called the Classic Lokai bracelet. It was the one that started everything. It is represented by a multitude of white beads, connected together by one singular black be. The white beads have water inside from the snow that is obtained from Mount Everest.Lokai Bracelet Red

The dark or black bead has mud from the Dead Sea, creating this sense of balance. Some people purchase these for the intrinsic meaning behind the bracelet, whereas others are motivated to make a purchase because they donate 10% of their profit to a multitude of different charities. They are easy to put on, and are well-designed, making them very popular.

The meaning behind the bracelet is that life is a series of up and down moments, all of which constitute your life. As we move through our life, we will have good and bad days, but those are not representative of our life as a whole. In fact, these positive and negative experiences form our character, and how we respond to these experiences is what has made us the person that we are.

What About The Other Bracelets?

The other bracelets are more specific in their design. Some are multicolored, whereas others allow you to choose the color of the beads that will be on the bracelet. All of them will represent this idea of life being ever-changing, but they also represent different causes. Some are designed to contribute to organizations like the World Wildlife Federation, Oceana, and those that represent diseases like Alzheimer’s.Lokai Bracelet Black

When you decide to get a bracelet, some of that money will go directly to these causes which is your way of contributing by making this type of purchase. The benefit for each person is that you will have this constant reminder of how life is simply going to be an experience with high and low moments. There are also bracelets that are not made with the iconic beads.

There is a Sherpa Hook bracelet, Double Hook bracelet, and one that has multiple metal beads. Some even have sayings on them that will remind you that you need to stay hopeful or humble. They are constantly creating new designs and representing different organizations, making them a well-rounded business that is designed to last.

When you get to look at all of the bracelets, you may find one that is better suited for your personality, or a cause you are passionate about, instead of getting the white bracelet that started everything. You may actually find bracelets that will be more apropos for friends or family members.

Each one that you get will help these causes that this company represents. Overall, this business started on a very good foundation, striving to remind everyone that life can be troublesome but is ultimately worth living.

You can find out more about Lokai bracelets on their website and purchase one that will help you potentially live a more balanced life. Best of all, your contribution will be helping those that are truly in need via the donations from this business.

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