Camo Lokai Bracelet Meaning

camo lokai bracelet meaning

Camo Lokai bracelets are the latest fashion craze among people of all ages. Simple yet beautiful, these bracelets are available in a wide array of colors. Many of them mix two or three colors, in intricate patterns that give them not only a special charm but also a specific meaning. Let’s see how you can find out the meaning of your Camo Lokai bracelet.

The white beads contain water from Mount Everest, the tallest place on Earth. The meaning of these white beads is humility. A white Camo Lokai bracelet should remind us of our humble origin. It should help us stay modest even when we reach the top of the world. This is a very beautiful and powerful symbol, meant to keep us on the right track.

The black beads contain mud from the Dead Sea, coming from the lowest point on Earth. The meaning of these Camo Lokai bracelet black beads is hope. We should always be prepared to face and embrace the low parts of life. Nobody can stay on top of the world at all times, so we inevitably need to cross difficult situations and to overcome tough challenges. This powerful symbol should help us overcome all these difficult moments with serenity and self-control.

Camouflage beads are made from silicone, and they represent clarity. This means that we always need to maintain our clarity in thinking, regardless of the good or bad periods we have to cross in life. Whether we experience times of joy or times of sadness, clarity should be one of our top priorities

Clear beads also have a well-defined purpose in Camo Lokai bracelets. There are some models that feature one black bead and one white bead, linked together through clear beads. The meaning of this bracelet is that we all have our unique path through life.

Your path is yours alone, and it is different from the path of anyone else. This should encourage you to embrace your life purpose and your mission without hesitation. You should stay true to your core values, regardless of external influences or adverse events.

Some manufacturers use the white-black bead combo in combination with beads of various other colors. For instance, metallic gold rose, gunmetal or silver is the choice of the Choose to Change Collection. This means that you can choose a charity you wish to support.

By buying Camo Lokai bracelets in the corresponding colors, you donate to your charity of choices such as Make-A-Wish, The Nature Conservancy, National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, or Multiple Sclerosis. Blue beads represent the belief that water is one of the basic human rights, and everyone should have access to clean water, no matter where they live on earth.

By buying a Camo Lokai bracelet featuring one white bead, one black bead, and two strings of blue beads connecting them, you donate to a charity that helps people get access to water.

All bracelets come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Before ordering yours, make sure you measure your wrist, in order to choose the size that’s right for you. In addition, choose the colors that resonate with your personal beliefs and values. These bracelets can be stacked, so you can order as many as you wish and wear them together. This is a very nice way to show that you do care for others and that you want to be part of the efforts to make this world a better place.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to choose the supplier with great care, as there are many counterfeit bracelets out there.

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